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"Iron Sharpens Iron"

Give back to the field of 
interpreting by becoming a mentor today.....

Welcome to TerpsROCK
Interpreter Support Initiative 

Congratulations on taking the first step! By exploring our link, you've begun your journey with the TerpsROCK Initiative. Let's dive into what we're all about.


Led by Ms. Somer Stanley, with Ms. Yalanda Allgood guiding our Interpreting Services, we're a dynamic team. Our goal? To seamlessly connect professional interpreters and the Deaf community, paving a smooth transition for ITP students into the world of professional interpreting. While we welcome all, our focus is on empowering ITP students of color, aiming to increase the presence of black and brown certified interpreters in the field.


The demand for qualified interpreters is a nationwide concern. Post-graduation, emerging interpreters often face hurdles in mentorship and skill development. That's where we come in. Collaborating with partners, we offer an array of resources tailored to your stage in the interpreting journey.


TerpsROCK provides various supports: language model mentors, professional guidance, workshops for novice interpreters, developmental courses, immersive classes, both live and simulated interpreting tasks, and even help with testing costs.


Keen to learn more about TerpsROCK? Reach out to Yalanda Allgood, our Director of Interpreting Services, at for further details.

Professional  Mentor 

A professional mentor is a working interpreter who has experience in various areas and understands the importance of working with new interpreters to prepare them to lead in the future. 

Mentors focus on specific areas to include ethics, teaming cultural mediation, customer service, navigating community interpreting, educational interpreting, receptive language skills and more.

Benefits of Mentoring 

- Our mentors are paid $$$ per session.

- Great for educational interpreters looking for summer work.

- We provide pro-bono and paid opportunities for mentors teaming with mentees in low risk settings. (Virtual/On-site)

- Discounted rate.

Language Model Mentor

Our language models are ASL-fluent, self-identified Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals who understand the need for emerging interpreters to gain hands up experience prior to and after graduation.



Our language model mentors work with students to expand their ASL sign vocabulary, improve their understanding of classifiers, provide authentic immersion opportunities for receptive practice and more.

Benefits of Mentoring 

- Our mentors are paid $$$ per session. 

- Work with mentees across the country.

- Network with emerging interpreters.

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